So I was writing an informative speech on Corgi’s for my communication class and looking for some sources when I found this.


I wasn’t sure weather to laugh cry or burn my laptop in rage. Never have I felt more insulted as a corgi owner. The picture alone was enough to send me on a corgi snob rage. The fact alone that they taught that that was a Cardi just fried my brain. I would love to get a hold of the genius who wrote this and stick their head up Shelbys cute little Cardi butt! The stupidity of some people is just shocking. It would be wonderful if this could be pulled from Google due to the fact that it is the FIRST link to come up when you Google “Cardigan vs. Pembroke Welsh Corgi.” It would be so sad if someone read this and went out and got a Pembroke without knowing that they could EASILY out wit any human. At the bottom of the page it asks if it was helpful, please if you could spare the time, click no and tell them why, maybe we could get this taken down or just fixed.